Monday, February 2, 2009

Tanishq Solitaires

For those who love the romance of a diamond, solitaires are the perfect choice. The most subtle and elegant piece of jewelry, a solitaire is the celebration of royalty.
Tanishq takes extreme care to ensure you get the best and most transparent rating based on quality, and goes the extra mile to ensure that the claim of quality is in fact a reality. Every solitaire is certified for its cut, color, clarity and carat.
Tanishq also offers unique option of laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond, so go ahead and send your loved one a special message or personalize the piece of eternity forever.
Why are Tanishq solitaires special
The brilliance of a Tanishq Solitaires comes from its 'Ideal Cut'
Through the combination of the 5 C's; Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat and Celebration, Tanishq opens its doors to you!
The ethereal beauty of a solitaire is expressed by the way it is cut. When a solitaire is cut to the ideal proportions, the light entering is magically reflected through the top and is dispersed into an awe-inspiring display of sparkling flashes.
Diamonds being so coveted are rarely even traded for, except for commercial purposes. However, in case you must, over a period of time diamonds have proved to be a worthwhile investment tool. The demand for solitaires has been rising steadily and considering its rarity, the prices have also being increasing.
With a unique exchange policy that gives you the benefit of appreciation in the value of diamonds, it is surely a worthwhile investment for you. When exchanged the current appreciated price of the solitaire is allowed to the customer (10% is deducted due to scratches, chipping, breakages).

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  1. Solitaire rings are rings with a single large stone as a centrepiece, usually diamond used .A solitaire diamond ring is more famous that are available in the market as it is more fashionable and has a very classical appeal.
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